About Our Staff

Morden Massage Therapy Centre has a team of Nine Orthopedic Massage Therapists (OMT). Our OMTs have graduated from professionally accredited Massage Therapy Colleges that demand a high level of skills in assessment, treatment, and exercise rehab in musculoskeletal conditions.  Our staff participates in numerous Education Days throughout the year to maintain the highest level of skills.  This allows us to treat you with a wellness plan that meets your needs.  

Heidi Brodland
Heidi is a graduate of Wellington College. During the intense 2 year program she added Myofascial and Pre/Post Sports Massage to her accreditation. Heidi is a high level athlete who enjoys competing in triathlons, marathons, and grueling bikeathons. She understands the importance of physical and mental training required for athletes. Whether you are a high level competitor or weekend warrior athlete, Heidi looks forward to helping you attain their person best to stay in the game.